Monday, March 1, 2010

Drag and drop in PowerPoint

A recent posting in the discussion area of the LSIS eCPD programme gives a a very easy and useful way of integrating drag and drop into a live PowerPoint presentation. Nigel Davies's Powerpoint file includes the example, as well as instructions on how to achieve it.

Also don't forget Ron Mitchell's Picture Grid Editor, which you can download and then use to creat a drag and drop picture/word match. This outputs not just to PowerPoint, but to Word and web page format too. Best to look at the example here first, then download the software that allows you to create them yourself. (No install needed)


Anonymous said...

really useful, been searching for ages foir this type of thing that works with Office 2010

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Do u know how to drag and drop objects rather than just text from one box to another??

Phil in the elab said...

Hi there, my posting the following week looked at this:


Ildikó Weltler said...

Thank you soooo much, it's simply fantastic! Finally something that works with 64bit Powerpoint 2010!!! I'm a teacher and I'm really about it! :))